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Milk Cooling Tanks Open Type 500 - 2500 lt

The tank and the cooling unit are supported on a galvanised stable base. The condensing units of these milk cooling tanks types are protected parametrically with perforated covers and from above with compact cover. Perforated sides and the cover can be disassembled quickly and with ease in order to facilitate the maintenance of the cooling instruments for alltank sizes. The inclining bottom of the tank, the elevated position of the agitator motor and the extracted stainless steel valve (butterfly valve) accommodate a detailed cleaning system that contributes to the hygiene of milk. The adjustable legs that support the milk cooling tank accommodate the absolute levelling of the system that is essential for the without deteriorations and good operation of the cooling system as well as for the precise volumetric analysis of the milk quantity that the tank contains. The electronic thermometer, precision thermostat, is placed into a waterproof ( IP55 / certificate no 501948-CE-ES ) stainless steel protective panel, has a special stirring program and regulates the desirable temperature for the milk that the user states. A waterproof ( IP55 ) agitation motor is placed on the lid of the milk cooling tank and ensures the proper agitation of the milk during the cooling / conservation period. The absolute insulation of milk cooling tanks is obtained with the controlled discharge of polyurethane foam, of high density and is environment friendly, so only a few minutes within the hour of operation is needed for the cooling unit to maintain the chilled milk.

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Open top Tanks 500 - 2000 ltr

TKO1000 3A

Cooler Open 263G / 1000L. Agitator/Control Box, Valve 1 ...

Sales price: $6,052.00

TKO2000-3A Open Top Tank

Cooler Open 530G / 2000L. Agitator/Control Box, Valve 2", ...

Sales price: $10,146.00
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