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Pulsators are the Heart of the Milking Systems.  They can be divided into 2 types,  Pneumatic  and Electronic Pulsators.

Pneumatic Pulsators are cheaper and, because they do not use electricity, they are mostly used in remote locations. They do need maintenance.

Electronic Pulsators use either 12v or 24 v  and utilize a controller transformer.    Electronic Pulsators are very precise and easy to maintain.   With automation, the Pulsation Speed and Ratio can be changed to achieve stimulation at the start and end of the milking cycle.

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Neumatic Pulsation


'PLN90-6535 Pneumatic Pulsator-Silicone

Interpulse® Type LL90 with silicone membrane 65:35. Easy to ...

Sales price: $46.28

'PLNO-6040 Pneumatic Pulsator-Silicone

Pneumatic Pulsation, Relation 60/40, Silicone Membrane, and ...

Sales price: $39.16

'PLN02-6040 PULSATOR L02

The InterPuls L02 vacuum Pulsator represents the best ...

Sales price: $108.83

'PLN02A Interpulse® Pulsator 60:40

L02Air grants a uniform, gentle milking in every operating ...

Sales price: $94.32

PCBWF Bayonet Adapter

Adapter Bayonet to Westfalia Bucket Lid

Sales price: $14.77

PCFSTD Standard Adapter

Standard adapter designed to mount an Interpuls, BRK or ...

Sales price: $4.98


SAC Adapter Designed to Mount an Inter-pulse BRK or OHTA ...

Sales price: $12.96
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