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The function of the milk analyzer is to make quick analyzes of the milk contents such as  fat (FAT), non-fat solids (NFS), proteins, lactose and water content percentages, temperature, Ph,  freezing points, solids, conductivity as well as density. The analysis is performed in the same sample directly after milking, at collecting, and during processing.

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Ultrasonic Analyzers


MA250 Milk Analyzer

In 50 seconds, you can analyze Fat, SNF, Lactose, Density, ...

Sales price: $1,602.00

MA250HF Milk Analyzer

In 50 seconds analyzes high Fat, Solids, SNF, Lactose, ...

Sales price: $1,780.00

MAECO Milk Analyzer

Economical Ultrasound Milk Analyzer for Fat, SNF, Total ...

Sales price: $1,068.00

MAP250 Milk Analyzer

This analyzer has built in printer for Fat, SNF, Lactose, ...

Sales price: $2,136.00

MAP250-HF Milk Analyzer

This analyzer has a built in printer for high Fat levels, ...

Sales price: $2,314.00

MAPMI Printer

The printer has a very silent printing through thermal ...

Sales price: $89.00

MAPMI- Man-Mini Printer

Printer accessory for Man-mini milk analyzer.It has the ...

Sales price: $89.00

_HN1332B-Rugged pH and ORP Electrode

For chemicals, field applications and quality control. Can ...

Sales price: $158.87

_MACTP12V Power Cable

Power cable for thermal printer.

Sales price: $4.65

_MADAC Detergent

Detergent, acidic cleaner, and descaler, -Powder dis. 10G/L ...

Sales price: $3.56

_MADAL Detergent

Detergent, alkaline sanitizer with QAC - Powder disol. 10 ...

Sales price: $3.56

_MADB9CABLE Connection Cable

Connection Cable for Thermal Printer MAPWH-T2 to MA ...

Sales price: $8.90
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